You might ever heard any jokes, that as if the 2018 Nissan Altima has no Nissan badge on the front side of the car, the selling number will be increase, dramatically, than the usual. Well, it might be harsh yet it might be true because if the problem centred on its brands, there is nothing to do with the overall design, additional technology, either another restyling, which is able to be the best solution after all. However, as Nissan is going to keep their selling number into a bigger market, you need to consider more on its high-end specification and improvement aspects, equipped into the upcoming Altima in 2018.

Actually, Nissan has not announce the release date of the newest Altima, yet based on reliable sources, you can prepare for its launching around mid-2018. For purchasing this impressive mid-size sedan, you need to prepare around $23,000 up to $30,000 for getting the base model, while another model, such as S, SV, SR, and SL, will have higher rate, begin around $26,000. The design, however, has slightly different with the current model because Nissan actually have no intention to have a substantial changes on this latest cars. Yet, you can take a look on its exterior design, such as bumpers, smoked headlight, lighting, and else, which has higher capability to be changed to make a difference ambiance.

Having new 2018 Honda Accord will be the perfect choice for you to have better sedan. This Honda accord will be released on the middle of 2017. Many people cannot wait for the releasing date because some information state that there are many innovations come from the sedan. The more specific change can be gotten from this sedan is the engine. It has four-cylinder engine which will produce 68 horsepower in work. To make the working system better, this machine also uses hybrid system in fuel consumption. It is very much recommended since the user should not waste much money for fuel maintenance.

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