It is true that whenever you have pure knowledge by heart, every single problem will always have their own solution in the best way. Just like the eggless cake recipe which known as alternative recipe in which you can lessen the ingredients and also pretty easy to make. As the given name, eggless means you do not need to use any eggs on your cake recipe, which is pretty uncommon as another cake use eggs as main ingredient to make the dough more expand. By the knowledge, you can meet with ingredient substitute method where you can replace the eggs with another ingredient which has eggs-characteristic.

In eggless cake recipe, you are not using eggs at all, but substitute the eggs with another ingredient instead. You can mention vinegar, baking soda, applesauce, and yoghurt as common ingredient used as eggs-substitution. For you, who never tried this method before, may hesitate whether the texture and taste will be as delicious as the conventional cake, and the answer is yes. Furthermore, by weighing the right amount of each ingredient, you will capable to have a fluffy and moist cake result. It is also a good choice for any allergy related food person who hardly avoid any dish made with egg as one main ingredients on it.

Depends on experience-based fact, whenever you would like to master the eggless cake recipe, you need to maintain the basic key on each recipe. For example about the amount of ingredients you use, that you have to weigh them carefully based on the recipe. The size, in the other hand, you need to adjust it well so the batter will turn out perfectly. As final step, make sure to set the oven on the right temperature with the suitable time, so your cake will be perfectly delicious even though baked by beginner.

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