5 Factors in Indonesia Furniture Able to Compete on the International Level

The development of furniture in Indonesia is increasingly being recognized by the world market, especially in the Asian region. This is driven by the increasing number of requests, in achieving increasing market demand, of course, brand recognition is needed. The introduction of a brand plays an important role in increasing market demand, this is done by product promotion methods. Through the exhibition and socialization of craftsmen at regional and international exhibitions, product owners can introduce the brand of their products. To enter the Asian market is not an easy thing, because Asian markets are known to be selective in choosing products. The distinctive feature of Indonesia Furniture products is considered to have competitiveness among similar products in the Asian region. So what are the things that encourage furniture in Indonesia to be able to penetrate the Asian market? Consider some of the driving factors below.

Quality Products 

Good products are the main key for every business you run. To get a good product, choosing quality raw materials is the responsibility of business owners. By creating products from quality materials can create customer satisfaction in buying the products you offer. So this creates a better future aspect, especially regarding customer trust and product quality standards that you stretch. In the furniture business, the selection of wood in accordance with the function of furniture is the main thing. The strength and durability of wood determines the continuity of the furniture you make. This is one reason that Indonesian furniture is able to compete in the Asian market.

 Competitive Price 

When talking about prices, of course, must be balanced with the quality of the product you buy. In addition to quality and good quality, Indonesia Furniture also provides competitive prices in the international arena.


In general, promotion is the advertising of a product or brand to generate sales and create brand loyalty. Promotion itself includes communication methods used by business owners in providing detailed information about their products. Intense promotion can push into four things, namely the price, product, promotion and location of selling your product.


Comfort is a factor that is sufficiently considered. Choosing the right furniture is one way to improve the quality of your life. You can enjoy this by choosing ingredients that suit your taste. Starting from the wood material used, the type of foam that is on the sofa and the fabric used on the sofa. Besides these three things, you also have to choose furniture that fits the size of your room and who will use it. With the convenience of the furniture, it was able to bring Indonesia Furniture over the world in the international arena.

Consumer Needs and Wants  

In the era of ease of shopping this tends to make buyers feel frantic. This happens because the making of impressive furniture is not multifunctional so buyers will buy a variety of furniture with a single function. By observing the pattern of buyers, Indonesia Furniture uses opportunities in creating multifunctional furniture according to the needs and desires of consumers. Multifunctional Furniture is furniture that combines functions with one another so that it really fits your needs and does not fill the place.