Travel Destination In Indonesia You Simply Can’t Skim Over

If you dig further travel destination in Indonesia, you will be impressed with so many mind-boggling destinations you may not know about. Lake Maninjau located in West Sumatra, a tiny bit beaten off path destination, the scenery of the lake and the tranquility of its surrounding are worth it after a long and eventful ride from Bukittinggi. Raja Ampat in Papua is a cluster of islands in remote place.

Takes some obstacles to reach Raja Ampat considering its location, the mesmerizing underwater view will lead you to a place known as heaven for divers. Becomes a home to colorful fish, mollusks, and corals, if you are divers, you should put Raja Ampat as your top list for travel destination in Indonesia. Dieng Plateau situated in Central Java is crater complex with awe-inspiring tourist attractions, and some of them are ancient Hindu temple and hot spring.

Thousand islands is your best escape from the hectic of Jakarta as it offers you with various things to experience either you spend a one-day trip or more. The foods are delicious, let it alone the ocean water that is crystal clear. If you want to join such an activity like corals and mangroves planting, thousand islands is a travel destination in Indonesia you are looking for.